Training Objectives

Training Objectives iibm


INDIAN INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS MACHINES (IIBM) one of the upcoming IT Education Institution in India. We have been imparting user level and hi-end industrial training in India since a long time.

The offering is for Advance Level Software & Automation skill training for the students of Engineering Colleges who are attending various degree courses at their college. To succeed in this competitive job market, the students need more than the formal college education so that they have this competitive edge. This training will enable the participants to learn hi-tech computer languages and technologies which will enhance their general understanding of software and increase their performance level.

Started in 2006, INDIAN INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS MACHINES (IIBM) inducts Software educational methodology. The courseware is designed and developed as per the West-Bengal University of technical (WBUT) ,Directorate of Technical Education and today’s markets need in industry. Even today IIBM does a great deal of research to design and develop the courses to produce the best breed of IT professionals. IIBM takes all the responsibility to administer the quality of education, starting from Trainee selection by conducting Entrance Test twice a year to updating the course modules and books from time to time.

On successful completion of the courses, IIBM certifies the Trainees after evaluating their performance. The faculties at IIBM centres across India are selected, trained and certified

Objectives of IIBM Training

INDIAN INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS MACHINES (IIBM) curriculum focuses on ways to integrate technology into everyday life and use instructional strategies to enhance proficiency in learning. Building upon basic computer skills, the participants would learn how to design technology-enhanced working environments and establish a vision for effective use of technology. As they increase their knowledge and competency level, they will learn to adapt to new and evolving technologies and acquire the technical proficiency leading to greater understanding. The primary focus of attention will be on the needs of participants, especially through the promotion of self-learning and continuous education programs, assessment strategies & teaching methodology. The program is a comprehensive approach to teaching and learning with an IIBM curriculum model that provides guidelines for what professionals should learn.

Strengths of IIBM Curriculam

Training & Placement Officer and HR to keep in touch with us. We believe in building trust and long term relationship through their quality services.

Highlights of Training

• Curriculum is a mixture of skills and knowledge that ensures trainees are able to apply the learning’s in other related areas & vice-versa
• The curriculum has been designed with a stepwise learning approach keeping the level of trainees in mind.
• Trainees practice the course they are learning, thereby ensuring that they understand & implement the same on a system.
• The curriculum covers highly illustrative examples, which trainees would enjoy to work upon.
• Self-assessment trainee exercises have been provided at the end of every lesson, which would help the trainee to evaluate its performance.
• The practical exercises follow instructional steps approach, which helps the trainee to easily achieve the desired tasks.
• Additional information related to the topic is available for the trainees to learn more advanced concepts.
• Curriculum contains Tips which are a different, faster, or easier way of doing some task
• Curriculum uses World wide certified material, which has been proven for its quality & contents.

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