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Client Name : Smithy Group
ARCVAC -Vikrant Vorge
Vikrant Forge Ltd., the flagship company of Smithy Group commenced forging production in 1992 and grew continuously over the decade to emerge as the leading open die forge shop in India with world class manufacturing facilities near Kolkata. Vikrant Forge is professionally managed by 200 people including 50 engineers. The key technical persons have been trained in the leading forge shops of Europe and India. We focus on our philosophy of forging long-term ties with our customers, and this philosophy is the bedrock of our strength. After continuous growth of 15 years, in 2007 we have backward integrated with our own steel melting shop to create integrated melting-forging-machining facility to create a seamless supply chain for our customers.. The new plant spread over 20 acres has been set up with investment of over US$ 25 million and further investment of US$ 25 million is being executed to create a world class integrated Melting-Forging-Machining facility.

HR Module with Payroll :

The HR Module  Enabled them to manage Information Capturing  .
Department related information: Here the user enters the department details like the name and code and also if the department is under another department then the name of that department.
Earning Heads information: All the earning heads that are prevalent in the organization are entered here
Deduction Heads information: All the deduction heads that are prevalent in the organization are entered here
Grade related information: All the Grades that are prevalent in the organization are entered here.
Payroll Structures definition: The system requires that the pay structure that makes up an individual pay packet be clearly chalked out. The user will be guided by the system in entering this information with the help of a wizard.
Payroll Templates: Once the various pay structures have been chalked out using user defined earning and deduction heads. The user then goes on to make as many templates of salary structures as required. The user will be guided by the system in entering this information with the help of a wizard. These pay structure templates are nothing but salary structures of an individual. The advantage the user derives is that the user will be able to map these templates with individual employees and will save the user the trouble of defining the salary structure for each individual employee.

Plant Maintenance:

Plant Maintenance module Enabled them to manage the maintenance activity of various equipments in the SMS1,SMS2 etc. The factory may have multiple locations, each having conglomerate of equipments. The part numbers required for each machine-equipment are predefined. Maintenance work is divided into several activities like cleaning, electrical, etc. depending on the nature of work applicable
Key Areas
_ Creation of Daily / Monthly maintenance activity
_ PD maintenance work.
_ Breakdown maintenance work
_ Unplanned maintenance work
_ Generation of requisition for various items
_ The frequency of the maintenance work and the periodicity within which various part numbers must be changed is defined, so are the Maintenance agencies. The agency could be internal, external, contractual, etc.
_ Daily schedules may be generated for the maintenance work to be done on a daily, monthly, quarterly , Half yearly & Yearly basis.

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