Requirement Analysis & Feasibility Study

iibm Requirement Analysis & Feasibility StudyTechnology enables great business ideas and processes. The inception of any application/system starts with a clear definition of the business need and its evolutionary nature. IIBM’s rich consultation experience can help you detail the business requirements and scope out the growth strategy. Requirements analysis, in software engineering, is a term used to describe all the tasks that go into the instigation, scoping, and definition of a new or altered computer system. Requirements analysis is an important part of the software engineering process; whereby business analysts or software developers identify the needs or requirements of a client; having identified these requirements, they are then in a position to design a solution.  Successfully completing a “requirements analysis” task is a challenge. In the first place, it is not easy to identify all the stakeholders, give them all an appropriate form of input, and document all their input in a clear and concise format. In addition, there are certain constraints. We take up this challenge and provide you information that is vital for the upcoming system. Our engineers determine whether the new system is feasible, schedulable and affordable.

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