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Human Resource Information System

The function within a business organization that monitors the availability of qualified workers; recruits and screens applicants for jobs; helps select qualified employees; plans and presents appropriate orientation, training, and development for each employee; and administers employee benefit programs. IIBM’s HRIS automate and store many of these functions. It is  much like a CRM software system, but for your employees rather than customers. HRIS is  comprehensive, powerful HR Software for streamlining and coordinating an organization’s  human resources department. HRIS is web-based, scalable, user-friendly, and is intended to be easy for current HR staff members to master. HRIS combines leading human resource practices with flexible scalable technology to manage people from recruit to retire and everything in between.

HR Information System Objective

The objective of the HRIS module is to manage the recruitment of a workforce and track developments related to the employees of the organization. These may be assessed in the form of promotions, transfers, deputation, leave, etc. The module needs to provide reports on period-to-period details of the employee. HRIS aids in improving manpower planning and in the effective utilization of manpower across the organization.

The Need of HR Information System

Absence of proper Human Resource system, generates lots of paper work which not only consume time but also prone to manual mistakes / errors which are obvious if the activities are carried out manually. It is therefore experienced that a proper HRIS will help the organization to increase productivity. Moreover it will also help the employee of the organization to be connected with the organization across the globe, wherever they are.

Functionality of HR Information System

Applicant Tracking & Recruitment

Finding and hiring the best people drives the success of any company. Applicant tracking rovides for managing open positions, requisitions, evaluations and applicant information. The Applicant Tracking module provides complete tracking of an applicant from initial application through hiring or rejection. You can track an extensive range of information including education, skills, salary history, demographics, activities, and references. HRIS creates a complete recruiting web-site for your organization. Candidates can view current openings, post a resume file, complete an application form, and monitor their own progress through the hiring process.

Personal Management

Personnel Management takes employee information out of the filing cabinets or your obsolete HRIS and puts it at your fingertips. Now you can respond immediately to management, employee, and government requests making you a real information provider. Personnel Files manages a tremendous amount of information. Staffs will be benefited from a complete system that automated HR activities. It keeps information of the employees related to the job & salary history, benefits, performance etc.

Training Management and HR Information System

Training prepares your employees for success. Education can build staff efficiency, effectiveness and build loyalty. But managing training programs, enrollment, costs, follow-ups, assessments and reporting can be difficult and extremely time consuming. Training Management is robust yet simple to administer. Training Management works in conjunction with Personnel Management to track detailed information about internal and external training programs. At the trainee level, course history and skills acquired are added to Personnel Management as classes are tracked and completed within Training Management. At the course level, you can maintain an extensive catalog of courses and track instructors, facilities, equipment etc. You can establish schedules for facilities, instructors, and equipment and Training Management will prevent you from double-booking resources.

Payroll Accounting

The payroll accounting module will manage the payroll accounting functions of your organization to ensure compliance with statutory requirements such as income tax, provident fund, etc. It is designed to take care of promotions, transfers, deputation, leave, etc, and it provides reports on the details of employees. The key features of Payroll Accounting are:
•     Monthly payroll
•     Advance/Loan Information maintenance
•     Creating of payroll JV
•     Medical expenses reimbursement
•     Maintaining Bonus/Ex-gratia/special compensation
•     Maintaining Saving and income-tax details
•     LTA data maintenance
•     Maintaining Travel expenses
•     Mediclaim detail management
•     Liability management
•     Statutory requirement management
•     Security and access management

Self Services

Self Services is a simple and secure system for employees to manage their own information thru intranet. Self Services empowers employees to handle administrative tasks to maximize work efficiency. SELF SERVICES makes the wealth of employee and management information within HRIS available to those who need it: your employees and the management staff. Using a browser any employee or any manager can edit or view the information stored in HRIS that you determine is relevant. SELF SERVICES replaces the multitude of paper forms posted just outside your office and replaces them with a direct entry, electronic equivalent. Self Services automates the manual processes that you already perform. Rather than having employees complete paper forms and forward them to you for data entry, the employees complete electronic forms and forward them to you for immediate verification and posting.

Alerts & Tickers

From confirmation to release dues and birthdays to anniversaries, HRIS provides various alerts and tickers to keep the HR well informed about some very basic in formations.

Reports & Query

HRIS provides dozens of built-in reports and queries to automate common task for quick access with full printing capability. It limits reports to employees, department, location and more. Restrict access to sensitive Reports & Queries. Some of the reports that are included in the software are:

•    Joining and separation
•    Salary comparisons reports based on education category, department, experience, Level wise mean, median average, max, most frequent and many more
•    Salary/Benefit statements and history
•    Queries listing increments, ratings, promotions, tours, skill sets, training received, dept worked for, educational updates, age analysis, male/female analysis, location analysis, claims analysis and many more.

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