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Few of our esteemed clients are mentioned here under:

01.    Jiaguanj college of Engineering and Technology.
02.    Bankura Unnani Institute of Engineering.
03.    B.C. Roy Engineering College
04.    Dumkal Institute of Engineering & Technology
05.    Kalyani Government Engineering College
06.    Bengal College of Engineering & Technology.
07.    BPC Engineering & Technology(KRISNAGAR)
08.    Kanyapur Polytechnic College.
09.    Kalana  Polytechnic College.
10.    Darjeeling Polytechnic College
11.    Dumkol Polytechnic College
12.    Haldia Institute of Technology.
13.    Asansol  college of Engineering & Technology.
14.    The New Horizon College of Engineering & Technology
15.    Govt. College of Engineering & Textile Technology, Serampore
16.    Institute of Engineering & Management
17.    Heritage Institute of Technology
18.    Bengal Institute of Technology
19.    Calcutta Institute of Technology
20.    Narasinga College of Enginnering and Technology.
21.    MCKV Institute of Engineering
22.    Institute of Technology & Marine Engineering
23.    Academy of Technology
24.    Narula Institute of Technology
25.    Gurunanak Institute of Technology
26.    Birbhum Institute of Engineering & Technology.
27.    Institute of Technology & Management
28.    Saroj Mohan Institute of Technology
29.    Aryabhatta Institute of Engineering & Management Durgapur
30.    Jalpaiguri government college.

And many more in Orissa and Assam.

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