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Fabrication Projects Clients

Our Fabrication Projects and Clients Our plant makes ESP internal and external finish material. Internal- Collecting Electrode (Thermax, Ets, kc cottrell, soli environmental, zt24, profile) Discharge Electrode – (Thermax, Ets, Elex, Clyde, kc cottrell, Isgec, vriodyn) Rapping – collecting, discharge and gd rapping and drive commponts (tumbling hammer esp) (shaft, Braring , flange, inner arm, …

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Company Policy

Company Policy The company defined and adopted quality policy, environmental policy as an integral part of company management policy. The primary purpose or mission of the company is the service of the development and production and sale of metal elements of the railway network for metal internal and external equipment, metal fabrication, railway electrification, lock …

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Quality Control

Quality and Traceability Control Quality control is carried out by trained control personnel, in accordance with all the regulatory standards and measurements. We prepare all the documentation of the control according to norms with established traceability, which proves the conformity of our products. Measurements and quality control are carried out in accordance with the regulatory …

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From Constructing to Installation   RECISE. PROFESSIONAL. QUICK. AFFORDABLE. We offer products and services from construction, consultancy, and manufacture to installation in the field. Our technicians and programmers will easily prepare a 3D plan in accordance with your wishes and requirements.

Surface Treatment

Surface Treatment of All Kinds PROTECTION. ACCURACY. AESTHETICS. ALL KINDS OF METALS. In cooperation, we also offer different surface protection of all types of metal – powder coating according to colour scales, powder coating in combination with zinc primer, hot dip galvanizing, zinc coating, galvanic zinc coating and cataphoresis. We also offer sandblasting as a …

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Installation Installation of Steel Structures RELIABILITY. SPEED. QUALITY. FLEXIBILITY. In addition to consultancy, planning, designing and manufacture we also offer quality, quick and reliable installation in the field for our customers.

Manual Welding

Manual Welding Manual welding is mostly needed in the field, when raising metal constructions, but there are also orders where manual welding is performed in our production workshop. Be they are boutique or incredibly innovative, we always find the right solution. We offer different welding procedures which, if necessary, we complete with the use of …

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General Fabrication

General Fabrication Air Pollution Control Systems Systems comprising of ESP: Ventilation Equipments Low ratio bag house Emitting Suspension Frames Shock Bars Suspension Beam Bearing Plates Screen Plates Gas Distribution Screen Ducting Hoppers Casing Funnels Silos Chimneys Piping Shed & Building Structures Columns Beams Bracings Canopy Monorail Roof Girders     Fabricated Tanks and Kettles Flat …

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